Self Registration

24 January 2022

Welcome to BSCB and CBMDC Self Registration Site.

Welcome to the BSCB suite of e-learning courses. This learning is being offered in collaboration with Virtual College and the Safeguarding Children e-Academy.

The Bradford Safeguarding Children Board is committed to the continuous learning and development of staff and volunteers working with children, young people and families in our District.

If you are a member of Bradford Safeguarding Children Board (see the BSCB website for member organisations) you are entitled to access the specified e-learning packages without cost.

Private and for profit organisations can purchase the training from the Virtual College website If four or more licences are being purchased in one transaction, then a discount may be available. In this instance please contact the Direct Sales Team, by calling 01943 885085. Please quote the promotional code SCBBRAD, the course you are applying for, and the number of licences you require. You will receive a £5.00 discount per licence on eligible courses on the normal price of £30.00.

Please note - If anyone is found to have applied from outside of the Bradford and Airedale District or does not come under the organisation they have applied under you/your organisation will be charged the £30 for the log in.

You will only be allowed to register for one of the e-learning courses at a time. Once completed, you can use the ‘Requested Learning Tab’ on your account to request the next package you wish to complete. These are checked and approved on a regular basis.

The courses on offer have been selected to support your on-going development. To help with the selection process we have provided a summary of the course content and target audience which is shown next to each of the graphics.

Please review each course and decide which one best suits your needs (you may also be informed which course to complete by your own organisation). Once you have made your choice please press the submit button and you will then be asked to enter your details.

You will be required to complete the self registration form in order to 'register'.
Please note: you have a maximum of 6 weeks to complete the course.

You will be sent a reminder after 2 weeks and a final reminder after 4 weeks. If the course is not completed within this time period you will be removed from the system losing any work started. Your organisation may also be charged £30 for non completion.

For learning support enquiries please contact Virtual College directly on 01943 605976

If you have already registered please click the following link to access your account:


If you haven't got an account then registration is simple, just click the following link and follow the step-by-step guide: